Section: History, Schools   |   School: Grammar School

This grammar-school history course is intended to provide students with historical, geographical, and cultural knowledge of the middle ages, approximately AD 500 to AD 1450. The course will begin with the Fall of Rome and progress chronologically through the Renaissance. Students will explore the fight for power in Western Europe, the religious wars between Christians and Muslims, the influence of the Christian church, and the economic and cultural effect of feudalism. Students will see God’s plan unfold as He moves through nations and empires. The course is intended to present an overview of this period of history and to prepare students for subsequent Bible and history courses through the development of attentive listening, close reading, thoughtful interaction, and oral narration. Students will create their own timeline, practice cartography skills, complete map projects, and present on favorite historical characters among other projects.

Suggested grade levels: 5th (6th)

2022-2023 Book List Story of History: Christendom