headshot of Megan Shepard

Megan’s classroom comes alive through the reading of classical literature with tales of heroic tropes, creatures beyond imagination and characters who are worth emulating. Her passion for classical literature and ancient history transfers to her students as she demonstrates to them what she loves. She strives to draw each student into the stories she teaches, sharing literary parallels to Scripture and other great classics along the way.

Megan served in missions for three years and taught in classrooms abroad to reach the nations for Christ. She fell in love with the relationships cultivated through teaching and saw the fulfillment of the Great Commission in education. After returning to college in 2013, she completed her degree and graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Education. In 2015 she discovered classical Christian education and understood the role it plays in preparing children for a life in Christ. She has since continued pursuing classical Christian education, having witnessed the honor and glory it brings the Father.

Megan has lived in many places but considers Northern Michigan home where she now resides with her husband of thirteen years. She enjoys Socratic discussions peppered with witty comments, spending time with her dogs and taking brain vacations via a canvas, paintbrush and paint.

“This is what true teaching is. Love the subject in the presence of students whom you also love, and do it because you love how God is so kind to us” —Douglas Wilson


Courses taught by Megan Shepard