When Janelle Fleming talks about loving to dive into science, she means it! As a practicing oceanographer, Janelle has the ability to share her unique experiences in the classroom. She likes to say she has been studying and enjoying God’s creation since birth. 

Janelle earned a bachelor’s in mathematics from Wesleyan College, a master’s in computational mathematics with a minor in oceanography from Texas A&M, and a doctorate in physical and biological oceanography from the University of North Carolina. She and her husband, Jason, have two children who they have homeschooled since 2008. She came to teach at Wilson Hill after seeing firsthand the benefits of a Wilson Hill education with her own children. Janelle has taught at all grade levels including community college and university. 

In addition to teaching at Wilson Hill, Janelle works with local university students and teens, teaching them methods of underwater science data collection. On the weekends, she enjoys teaching young and old about SCUBA diving and guiding them to improve their skills. She loves all things aquatic, learning new languages, travel, and being outdoors.


Courses taught by Janelle Fleming