Sarah delights to come alongside her students, helping them to understand the nuances of grammar. A true linguist, she also loves to see her students learn to emulate the beautiful sounds and rhythm of the French language. Sarah’s students appreciate her contagious enthusiasm in each class as well as her compassionate patience with inevitable mistakes (it’s very humbling to speak a foreign tongue!).

Sarah attended Grove City College where she earned a BA in Christian Thought (interweaving church history, theology, and philosophy). When she began homeschooling her oldest child over 13 years ago, she began a journey to understand classical pedagogy. Since then, teaching the tools of learning has become a great passion, and Sarah has delighted to mentor homeschooling parents during her extensive work with Classical Conversations over the past decade.

Sarah possesses a lifelong love of French, stemming from nearly 10 years of formal study combined with 20 years of loving marriage to a Frenchman.  After dreaming of living in France for decades, the Soundrons moved to France for 5 months in 2021. They made their home in Nantes, where they worked with a mission church of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland (a sister church to the RPCNA) and reveled in the luxury of the best baguettes in town.

A native to Colorado, Sarah’s heart soars at the sight of mountains and the smell of pine trees. She happily resides in the forest with her French husband and French-American children (of which there are 5 girls and one lone and lovely boy). You may find her at sunrise sipping a green smoothie or a hot cup of coffee and reading the psalms.

Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you! Psalm 67:3

Courses taught by Sarah Soundron