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Pre-Calculus is an honors-designated college preparatory course that combines knowledge of Algebra, with its equations and functions, and Geometry, with its visual representations and trigonometric concepts, into a cohesive foundation that prepares the student for the study of Calculus.

Because functions are the foundation of Calculus, this course has been specifically developed to give math students a thorough comprehension of elementary functions in graphical, numerical, and analytical representations—integrating previous learning with deeper mastery. Students will deepen their understanding of linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions and inequalities. There is also introduction of trigonometric functions, connected to the triangle trigonometry studied previously in Geometry courses. Polar coordinates, complex numbers, and introductory statistics are also covered. Use of a graphing utility and the inclusion of realistic applications furthers the appreciation and understanding of these concepts.

This course prepares WHA students for AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics course offerings or for college mathematics courses beyond the high school career.

Prerequisites:  Algebra 2

Pre-Calculus 2022-2023 Book & Materials List