Given the choice between a handful of word problems that require conceptual application and a page filled with rote math problems, many students gravitate away from problems that require them to think. Susan flips that script by coaching students to problem-solve using mathematical principles and thinking skills—techniques that can be used to solve problems in any situation.

After relinquishing her dream of becoming a scientist because she was afraid of upper-level math, Susan earned dual B.A.s in Jewish Studies and Linguistics from Indiana University, followed by an M.A. in Urban Education from New Jersey City University. Susan and her husband homeschooled their two children, strategically using Singapore Math to teach the Most Dreaded Subject. At this point, Susan discovered what she was missing all along and realized that math is fun given the right tools! Susan is the author of three Primary Math Home Instructor Guides and two Math in Focus Teacher Editions. She spent 11 years training teachers all over the U.S and abroad how to use Math in Focus to help students learn to love math. 

Susan lives in Kentucky with her dear husband, a dozen chickens, and a parade of other interesting creatures. In her spare time, you can find her in the garden, thinking about fruit trees, writing, reading, or enjoying a deep dive into the Bible. Susan also loves a good ramble in the great outdoors.


Courses taught by Susan D’Souza