Math Level 5

Engaging young students in meaningful discussions of mathematics is an essential component of their math education. Math 5 combines this type of student engagement along with challenging content to inspire […]

Section: Grammar Math, Math   |   School: Grammar School (Grades 4-6)

Math Level 6

Exemplary math instruction in the early years gives students the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas they have newly discovered. The result is the development of independent, thoughtful problem solvers […]

Section: Grammar Math, Math   |   School: Grammar School (Grades 4-6)


Establishing solid mathematical study skills and iron clad problem-solving strategies is the mark of our Pre-algebra course at WHA. This course offers instruction that provides a strong foundation for students […]

Section: Math, Pre-Algebra   |   School: School of Logic (Grades 7-8)


Dynamic, engaging instruction defines Geometry at WHA. This course provides students with the needed tools to engage analytically with their everyday surroundings as they develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. […]

Section: Geometry, Math   |   School: School of Rhetoric (Grades 9-12)

Algebra 2

Gaining a deeper insight and developing a greater appreciation for mathematical models is the goal of this college preparatory course. Students will develop and practice higher level abstract thinking and […]

AP Calculus AB

This college-level introductory course covers differential and integral calculus. Topics covered include functions and graphs, limits, continuity, derivatives and differential ability, applications of the derivative, curve sketching, related rates, implicit […]