Section: Math, Schools   |   School: Grammar School

Beginning with school year 2024-25, WHA will offer Math 4, the Math in Focus precursor to Math 5.

Engaging young students in meaningful discussions of mathematics is an essential component of their math education. Math 4 combines this type of student engagement along with stimulating content to inspire true wonder and love of the subject. Students learn to solve challenging math problems using exceptional “visual approach” strategies based on the Singapore Method that bolster confidence in their own abilities and give rise to a greater appreciation of mathematics.

Topics include: place value, estimation and number theory, multiplication and division, tables and line graphs, data and probability, fractions and mixed numbers, decimals, adding and subtracting decimals, angles, perpendicular and parallel line segments, squares and rectangles, area and perimeter, symmetry, and tesselations.

If you would like assistance to determine proper placement, you may use the Singapore Math “Primary Mathematics” placement tests.

Suggested Grade Level: 4 (best suited for students ages 8–10)

Grammar Level Math Book List – 2024-2025 Coming Soon