Latin 1

Latin is alive and lively in Latin 1! Students will explore how an inflected language works by studying five noun declensions, four verb conjugations, adjectives, pronouns, and common expressions. Emphasis is given to Latin vocabulary and English derivatives. Students will build translation skills while exploring Roman culture and studying people and practices from antiquity by […]

Latin 2

Building upon the foundation of Latin 1, students will review the basics of Latin grammar and proceed to more complex grammatical constructions, including the comparison of adjectives and adverbs, the passive voice, relative clauses, participles, and indirect statements. Emphasis is given to Latin vocabulary and English derivatives. Students will become more confident in their translation […]

Latin 3 (H)

Latin students complete their study of Latin grammar in Latin 3, which is an impressive accomplishment! Students will study gerunds, gerundives, participles, deponent verbs, conditional sentences, and the subjunctive mood. Students will also examine Latin poetry, which is beautiful in and of itself, but also helpful preparation for the AP Latin exam. Students will become […]

Section: Languages, Latin   |   School: School of Rhetoric (Grades 9-12)

AP Latin

Advanced Placement® Latin is a rigorous, college-level course designed for students who intend to take the Latin Advanced Placement® exam.  Students will follow a College Board-approved syllabus as they study selections from Caesar’s Gallic Wars and Virgil’s Aeneid.  Students will focus on the grammatical details of the texts while also studying these works as literature […]

Latin 2 Proficiency Exam

This Latin 2 proficiency exam can be used for placement (Latin 2 or Latin 3) or to satisfy the graduation requirement of “Latin proficiency through Latin 2”. Students new to WHA and already registered for Latin 2 or Latin 3 will be placed in this test “class” automatically. Those who prefer to determine their proficiency […]

Junior Classical League

Junior Classical League is an extracurricular club for all secondary (7th-12th)  Latin and Greek students (FOL+) who wish to broaden their classical language education while socializing with friends and teachers. Student-elected officers and WHA faculty design activities and games which explore topics in the classics in a lively and engaging way, and since this is a […]