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Latin 3 students complete their study of Latin grammar, which is an impressive accomplishment! They also begin to examine different types of Latin poetry, including Catullus, Virgil and Ovid, learning to recognize several lyric meters, as well as the meter of epic poetry, dactylic hexameter. As students work through a portion of the Aeneid, they prepare well for the AP Latin exam. Students continue to hone their translation skills while exploring Roman culture and studying people and practices from antiquity by reading passages in both Latin and English.

Topics include: gerunds, gerundives, participles, deponent verbs, conditional sentences and the subjunctive mood.

The course price includes registration, study sessions, administration and medal/certificate distribution for the National Classical Etymology Exam, the National Latin Vocabulary Exam and the National Latin Exam.

Prerequisites: Latin 2 or equivalent

Homework Habits: Students typically spend 3-5 hours a week on translation assignments, vocabulary and grammar assessments.

Suggested Grade Level: 9 -12

Latin 3 Book List 2024-2025