This introductory course in biology is taught from a Christian worldview using classical methodology. Students study the nature of life and the chemical basis of living cells as well as cell structure, function, division and genetics. An overview of the five kingdoms is presented, and students consider representative organisms from each kingdom and their ecological […]

Section: Biology, Sciences   |   School: School of Rhetoric (Grades 9-12)

Biology (Honors)

Honors Biology is designed for students who have a foundation in Physics and Chemistry and who are eager to apply that knowledge to the study of Biology. Students will learn basic biochemistry and its applications to cellular structure and function. Ultimately, students will gain a wonder and appreciation for the similarities and differences between organisms […]

Section: Biology, Sciences   |   School: School of Rhetoric (Grades 9-12)

Introduction to Biology

This course develops a solid foundation in topics from biology to equip grade 8 students for School of Rhetoric science courses. Topics include cellular biology, genetics, microorganisms, fungi, plants, animals, and human organ systems. Students will carry out regular lab activities. Although students will not be required to submit formal lab reports, they will practice […]

Section: Biology, Sciences   |   School: School of Logic (Grades 7-8)

AP Biology

This course has been formally authorized by the College Board to carry the AP® designation. It is a rigorous course and is recommended for high school juniors and seniors who have already completed a pre-AP level of biology. Students will learn to think scientifically, design experiments and draw connections between biology and other disciplines. The […]