Why Study a Language No One Speaks?

a young girl participating in a Wilson Hill online class9 May 2022

Sometimes students (and parents!) wonder about the benefits of learning classical languages like Latin. Yet we have seen families experience tremendous value in studying this ancient language at Wilson Hill.  From practical benefits like boosting SAT scores to enriching experiences such as reading ancient texts in their original language, the study of Latin equips students for success. For even more benefits, I asked a few of our Wilson Hill Latin teachers to share four reasons

Discerning Truth

12 Mar 2022

“Once an idea has taken hold in a brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed, fully understood, that sticks.”   —Dominick Cobb, Inception (2010)   Have you ever stopped to really consider how absolutely magical and fantastical an idea is? In some ways, ideas resemble microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Like those microorganisms, ideas can spread; like their biological cousins, ideas can change and mutate; and perhaps most significantly,

Some Things You (My Students) Need to Know About Asking Questions

2 Jan 2022

Many have said that wisdom does not consist in having the right answers but in asking the right questions. This means that the highest expression of wisdom is the perfectly formed question. We remember Socrates for this. Similarly, Confucius once said wisdom is not having knowledge but knowing that you do not know—the natural starting point, one would think, for being an “asker” rather than an “answerer.”    Perhaps for this reason, this essence of wisdom—that

How to Become a Successful Student

15 Oct 2021

I like to ask students, “What does a student do?” Most commonly, they reply,  “Students study.  Students learn.” Then I like to ask what activities students must do to make that learning happen. In other words, what are the habits of a successful student?  I use a framework of five categories to help students address the varied aspects of student life that need to be part of their routine: workspace management, task management, reading practices,