Preparing for Exam Season

11 Nov 2021

Does exam time loom before you like a dark cloud, a season of student life when the sun does not shine until you emerge from the other side?  Here is my advice: Don’t study for exams! That is to say, don’t start preparing for exams by diving right into studying. Cramming doesn’t work. Instead, plan to light your path through exam time by first considering three priorities: when to review, how to review and what

How to Become a Successful Student

15 Oct 2021

I like to ask students, “What does a student do?” Most commonly, they reply,  “Students study.  Students learn.” Then I like to ask what activities students must do to make that learning happen. In other words, what are the habits of a successful student?  I use a framework of five categories to help students address the varied aspects of student life that need to be part of their routine: workspace management, task management, reading practices,