Grammar Level Latin A

This introductory Latin course will help grammar school students see that learning Latin is attainable and even fun! Students will embark on the adventure of learning Latin by studying vocabulary, two verb conjugations, three tenses, two noun declensions, adjectives, prepositions, and basic sentence translation. Learning will be enhanced by workbooks, memory work, games, and a […]

Grammar Level Latin B

Building on the foundational concepts taught in Grammar Latin A, grammar school students will continue their Latin adventure by learning the third verb conjugation, the third noun declension, pronouns, imperatives, and numbers while continuing to build and review vocabulary. Emphasis will be placed on parsing verbs, nouns, and adjectives as well as labeling the parts […]

Grammar Level Latin C

Grammar Latin C is the final Latin primer course for grammar school students, and when students have finished this course, they are well-prepared for Secondary Latin 1. Students will review previously taught concepts and study the fourth verb conjugation, the fourth and fifth noun declensions, three tenses, adjectives, and adverbs while continuing to build and […]