Intro to Javascript (Summer)

Students will be introduced to computer programming by creating 2-3simple, interactive applications in the browser using HTML, CSS, andJavascript. Although the class focuses on Javascript and the webbrowser, the concepts learned could be applied to many otherprogramming languages. No programming experience is necessary. July 19-29 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. 10-11:30 a.m. ET

Grammar Latin Club (Summer)

Salvete Discipuli! If you just finished Grammar Latin I, II, or III or Fundamentals of Latin, this is the class for you. Let’s chant and practice our declensions, conjugations, and vocabulary. Games, songs, and activities with your Latin Amicis will have you ready to roll this fall! August 9-12 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1-3 p.m. […]

SAT Prep Course (Summer)

Wilson Hill is partnering with More Than A Teacher (MTAT), an Austin-based test prep company, to offer WHA students a comprehensive summer SAT prep course. WHA teacher Becky Winn will be teaching the reading/writing component, and a MTAT teacher will be teaching the math component. Any student who attends the class this summer can make […]

Logic 2 Readiness (Summer; Live)

This is a somewhat abbreviated version of the full-year Logic 1 class intended for new students who need to shore up their foundation in logic before moving on to Logic 2. Students will study forms of correct thinking, using traditional Aristotelian tools such as formal proofs and truth tables. Students will also be conversant in […]