Oceanography (Summer)

Learn the basics of Oceanography and the methods oceanographers use to collect data to answer marine ecological questions. Rapid immersion in the physical, biological, chemical, and geological aspects of oceanography will be presented. Learn to SCUBA dive, collect data, and the basics of data analysis. For students interested in acquiring PADI certification and willing to […]

Beginning Guitar (Summer)

In Beginning Guitar, students learn to read standard musical notation, to play simple classical fingerstyle guitar pieces, and to strum or to pick ten to fifteen basic chords. Together, these three skills provide students with a strong foundation for continued study in a variety of musical styles. Required Texts: 1. A Modern Approach to Classical […]

Pioneer Kids (Summer)

Travel back to the pioneer childhood days of Laura and Almanzo on the American prairie. Bring their stories to life as you draw their homes, eat their meals, play school, re-create pastimes and toys, and practice pioneer manners. Create a final project patch-working all your learning for a keepsake to treasure. *Students need to read […]

Delighting in Poetry (Summer)

Robert Frost maintained that “Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom,” and Delighting in Poetry Summer Course will aim to do just that! We will examine Emily Dickinson’s obscure fragment poems, as well as read and discuss several of her more well-known poems. Next, we will romp through some unconventional poems, and then we […]

Lingua Latina (Summer)

Students will work through the first half of Lingua Latina, covering the basics of Latin grammar, vocabulary and syntax. Students will spend time reading Latin, answering questions in Latin, translating Latin, as well as memorizing a significant portion of Latin vocabulary. This will be a very intensive course with a small class size and will […]

Foundations of Greek (Summer)

This class will introduce students to the Greek alphabet, highlights of Greek etymology (including scientific names of animals and terms from anatomy and medicine), and the beginnings of Greek grammar (the case system and the present-tense active verb). Latin is not a prerequisite, but the course will point out similarities to Latin for students who […]

Logic 2 Readiness (Summer; Live)

This is a somewhat abbreviated version of the full-year Logic 1 class intended for new students who need to shore up their foundation in logic before moving on to Logic 2. Students will study forms of correct thinking, using traditional Aristotelian tools such as formal proofs and truth tables. Students will also be conversant in […]