Section: History, Schools   |   School: School of Rhetoric

This course satisfies the common state requirement for one semester each of government and economics, two of the most fundamental social aspects of God’s design for how humans are to act and interact with each other.  Because our interactions with each other are grounded in our relationship with God, the government unit of the course (first semester) will begin by examining God’s Creation Covenant with us. We will then learn about the four basic forms of government: individual, family, church, and civil. From there we will use readings from theologians, philosophers, and other thinkers to more thoroughly examine God’s design for civil government, the authority relationships between citizens, rulers, and God, and how civil government functions in the world (focusing on the United States). In the economics unit of the course (second semester), we will build on this foundation through studying core economic principles in light of God’s design for human action, using these as a basis for understanding how our multi-trillion-dollar economy works–and would work if man obeyed God. We will complete the course by circling back to apply these economic principles to help us better understand the boundaries between the four basic forms of government in the context of mankind’s primary task: exercising dominion over creation so that we may prepare earth as a dwelling place for God with man.  

2023-2024 US Government and Economics Book List Coming Soon