Section: History, Schools   |   School: Grammar School

The Story of History series covers the flow of history from Bible times through the 20th century, providing students a backdrop against which they can better engage in the Great Conversation. The Story of HIstory series is intended to give students a sense of what it was like to live then and there. Grammar School students get to know the heroes, villains and key events of the period using biographies, selected works of historical fiction and nonfiction narrative histories.

Early America comes to life as students trace the path that the British colonies followed to become a powerful new nation. Students view past events from a biblical worldview and consider how God uses those events and people to change history. Through the development of attentive listening, close reading, thoughtful interaction and other study skills such as reading maps and building timelines, students prepare well for subsequent history courses.

Topics include: the British colonies, the Founding Fathers and the American Revolution, the Corps of Discovery with Lewis and Clark, Native American Indian culture, Westward Expansion, the War Between the States, the Industrial Revolution, and America’s eventual emergence as a world power.

Homework Habits: Students typically spend 2 hours a week on reading assignments, projects and occasional presentations.

Suggested Grade Level: 3–4

2024-2025 Story of History: Making of America Book List