Section: History, Schools   |   School: Grammar School

This course brings American History to life for grammar school students while also developing skills like attentive listening, close reading and thoughtful interaction with others.  Maps and timelines are used extensively, equipping students for success in future grammar level or School of Logic history classes.

Students will get to know the heroes, villains and key events of the period using biographies, non-fiction narrative histories and carefully selected works of historical fiction. The course begins with America as a collection of British colonies and traces its path to become a powerful new nation, covering the War for American Independence, the early development of the new nation and its westward expansion, the War Between the States, and the growing industrialization during the latter part of the 19th century, setting the stage for America’s emergence as a leader on the world stage in the 20th century.

Suggested grade levels: Grades 3–4

2022-2023 Story of History: Making of America Book List