Section: AP Courses, History

This is a year-long course in American History. It offers an opportunity for rigorous study of American history through primary sources and later narrative, and from a Christian perspective, while also preparing students to take the College Board’s AP US History exam.

American history, more than the history of any other nation, is a confluence of crucial events and grand ideas. This course will give students a deeper understanding of the ideas — rights, equality, law, democracy, liberty, prosperity, independence, hegemony, exceptionalism — as they collide and combust in the events of our nation’s past. While weighing ideas and arguments from a Christian and Biblical perspective, students will also learn to reckon with the particularity and contingent nature of events, and account for historical causation.

Assignments will hone students’ ability to make historical arguments by relating events to each other and by analyzing primary source documents.


The course will use the following textbooks:

  • Cohen, Kennedy, and Bailey, The American Pageant
  • Shi, David and Mayer, Holly, For the Record: A Documentary History of America (6th ed.), 2 volumes.

2018-19 Book List