March College Corner

Patricia Nehme, CEP   Spring time ‘To Do’ items for the College-bound Student Seniors – Evaluate Offers; Make Decisions Attend Prospective Student Events Compare Financial Aid Award Letters (see and to compare financial aid offers and debt after graduation) Appeal an Admission Decision or Financial Aid Award if you have extenuating circumstan Waitlisted or offered a Provisional Acceptance – understand the impact of accepting such offer Submit the housing deposit Remember, May

Next Steps for College Planning . . .

Seniors, make sure you are tracking your college applications and maintaining good communication with your prospective colleges. Update colleges on any new accomplishments or changes regarding your records or circumstances. Also, remember financial aid deadlines are approaching. Many families believe that they will not qualify for financial aid and fail to realize that many private colleges and universities encourage filing the FAFSA for merit aid consideration. Submitting the FAFSA also gives every student an opportunity

January College Corner

More on College Entrance Exams Whether fair or not, these exams are often the determining factor in awarding many merit scholarships. Just today, one of my students (SAT 1800, #7 out of 600 students in her class, president of the debate team and state champion, 5 AP courses with 3+ scores) was shut out of a particular public university’s merit scholarship because her SAT score is 100 points below the university’s merit benchmark (and this

College Corner – Financial Aid

Coming Soon - Concordance for SAT, ACT & Redesigned SAT The College Board will provide the concordance tables for college admission officers and others to compare scores with the redesigned SAT to those on the current SAT. Because the two tests are different, a numerical score on one will not be strictly equivalent to the same numerical score on the other. Concordance tables linking the redesigned SAT and the ACT will be available as well.

November College Corner

More on the PSAT and College Entrance Exams Many of you recently took the PSAT. By mid-December, the College Board will email each tester an access code to view his/her online score report. A paper score report will also be mailed to your home address. Use the PSAT Score Report to inform and develop your College Admission Plan. The score report can help you project likely scores for the new redesigned SAT that will be

October College Corner

Thank you for last week’s warm welcome (October 6th) and for the opportunity to share about the College Admission Process. You had great questions. AP and Dual Credit issues seemed to garner the most questions. To help clarify the differences in coursework, I have created an Advanced Placement versus Dual Credit Comparison Chart. The main issue is not which course path is better, but which course path best aligns with your high school and college admission