NCEE Results are in!

21 Jan 2018

WHA received our National Classical Etymology Exam results! Under Joanna Hensley's brilliant leadership, an impressive number of students participated this year, and 65 earned medals! Thank you, students, for your fantastic efforts! We are proud of each of you and grateful for all of our talented Latin teachers who make our program exceptional! National Classical Etymology Exam Results Advanced Level (grades 11 and 12) 22 Participants Awards Latin 1 Latin 2 Latin 3 Latin 4

Writing and Rhetoric at WHA

WHA is fully committed to student mastery in writing. The following outlines and summarizes our approach to writing instruction, beginning in the 5th grade and ending in the 12th grade. Key points about our writing approach: Our primary focus is essay writing. To teach essay writing is to teach thinking. All students can learn to write essays with proficiency and eloquence. Writing instruction is most effective when provided in a process that emphasizes ability, not just

Thinking in Slow Motion: The WHA Approach to Writing

14 Oct 2017

Years ago when I first began teaching, my headmaster gave me some advice on teaching writing.  Quoting the poet and philosopher Walter Kaufmann, he told me that “Writing is thinking in slow motion.” In other words, learning how to write is not something separate from learning how to think. Writing is essential for learning how to think. My assigned course was quite similar to one of The Great Conversation classes we offer at WHA: a discussion-driven seminar

New Options for 9th Graders & West Coasters

We are excited that so many 9th graders have enrolled this year that we have had to add new classes.  The latest addition is a new Geometry section offered Tu/Th, 3:30-5:00pm (Eastern).  We previously announced new sections of Honors Composition (Mo/We 2:00-3:30pm) and Honors Physics 1 (Mo/We 12:30-2:00pm).  Together, these offerings also give students in all time zones more flexibility. Download the full revised schedule here. Contact us ( if you would like to switch

Independence Day

5 Jul 2016

Today is the 5th of July.  I hope your celebration of the 4th included ice cream, hot dogs, swimming pools, fireworks and many other common ways we celebrate “Independence Day”.  But as we celebrated yesterday, I also noticed that our culture seems far more focused on the three-day weekend celebration than on the liberties we often take for granted.  If Rip Van Winkle were to awake again two centuries after his “brief” two-decade nap, what

Chickens in Church

9 Jun 2016

The following is an open letter from Scott Baker, WHA Rhetoric Instructor, to his students in the Rhetoric 2/Senior Thesis class this year. Dear Seniors: Congratulations on a great year completing the Senior Thesis process!  Now that you have survived the Defense and have completed your Final Draft, it’s time to celebrate.  Everyone in the WHA community is suitably proud of your achievement, especially since writing and defending a thesis is such a rare accomplishment

Need a Jumpstart this Summer?

A number of years ago, when I taught in a brick-and-mortar classical and Christian school, I had student whom I will call “Sam.”  Sam would not be described by anyone with superlative adjectives like “brilliant” or “genius”. However, he was a hard-working, conscientious student who was highly respected by all his teachers. In his sophomore year of high school, he started to really struggle academically.  Why?   He was very active in sports and other extra-curricular

March College Corner

Patricia Nehme, CEP   Spring time ‘To Do’ items for the College-bound Student Seniors – Evaluate Offers; Make Decisions Attend Prospective Student Events Compare Financial Aid Award Letters (see and to compare financial aid offers and debt after graduation) Appeal an Admission Decision or Financial Aid Award if you have extenuating circumstan Waitlisted or offered a Provisional Acceptance – understand the impact of accepting such offer Submit the housing deposit Remember, May

Next Steps for College Planning . . .

Seniors, make sure you are tracking your college applications and maintaining good communication with your prospective colleges. Update colleges on any new accomplishments or changes regarding your records or circumstances. Also, remember financial aid deadlines are approaching. Many families believe that they will not qualify for financial aid and fail to realize that many private colleges and universities encourage filing the FAFSA for merit aid consideration. Submitting the FAFSA also gives every student an opportunity