We are so excited to announce that the WHA Junior Classical League chapter’s t-shirt won the National Junior Classical League Monthly Publicity Contest for Club Swag!

Abigail Hicks and Peyton Louise Robuck created the design for the t-shirt based on JCL members’ ideas. The front of the t-shirt features the official JCL logo. The back quotes, “We came, we saw,” and then lists our JCL activities, which was Julia Moore’s idea of “We came, we saw, we translated,” a spin-off of Julius Caesar’s famous Veni, Vidi, Vici. At the bottom, it says, “Time always flies in JCL,” which was Kate Oliver’s suggestion inspired by our members’ common lament at the end of our meetings (all spoken in Latin, of course). Magister Handermann graciously agreed to proofread our translations for the t-shirt. It was definitely a group effort, and we would like to thank everyone who helped make our first t-shirt project such a success! Read the announcement in October’s Nones Notes, NJCL’s monthly newsletter, HERE.










Translation for those who are curious:

VENIMUS VIDIMUS . . . We came, we saw . . .
lusimus “NCEE Ludi” We played the “NCEE Games.”
recitavimus Antiquae Geneses We performed Ancient Beginnings.
lusimus “Quis Ego Sum?” We played “Who Am I?”
scripsimus Fama Gloriaque litteras We wrote the Fama Gloriaque paper.
lusimus “NLVE Ludus” We played the “NLVE Game.”
latinizavimus et modulati sumus “Tantum Tempus, Salve” We translated into Latin and sung/played “So Long, Farewell.”
similavimus celebres homines Romae We pretended to be famous men of Rome.
didicimus de geographia et vestibus et kalendario We learned about geography and clothing and the calendar.
celabravimus Idus Martias We celebrated the Ides of March.
quaesivimus verba et scripsimus haicus We searched for words, and we wrote haikus.
lusimus “Ubi in antiqua orbe terrarum?” We played “Where in the Ancient World?”
lusimus “Mala-ad-Mala” We played “Apples-to-Apples.”
fecimus convivium Romanum We made a Roman feast.
Tempus fugit semper in JCL! Time always flies in JCL!