How to Discern if a Classical Christian Education is Right for Your Children

14 Mar 2024

Choosing an educational model is a weighty decision, and the ever-increasing options can become overwhelming. From brick-and-mortar schools and hybrid models to homeschooling, endless avenues promise to give your child the best education. However, not all educational models are equal, nor do they share the same goals or produce the same results. Despite the perceived incongruity of an ancient educational model thriving in the 21st century, the classical Christian model has experienced a resurgence in

The Enduring Value of Studying Latin and Greek

8 Feb 2024

Do you know the difference between an entomologist and an etymologist? Wilson Hill Latin and Greek students do, especially since they recently took the National Classical Etymology Exam. The National Classical Etymology Exam tests students on their ability to understand English vocabulary words based on their understanding of Latin and Greek. Students compete with other students across the country, and those who do well on this exam are awarded medals by the National Junior Classical

Is Virtue a Goal or a Byproduct of Your Classical Christian Curriculum?

12 Dec 2023

Virtue is a commonly touted aspiration of a classical education—for good reason. An education that forms virtuous students is desirable. What happens, though, when we make virtue the goal instead of a natural byproduct of the educational process? Overemphasizing virtue as a measurable outcome can become a dangerous path for classical Christian educators. If we only focus on producing outwardly moral students, we might miss a precious opportunity to impact future generations. More importantly, we