Worrying about final grades? Advice from three teachers

Advice for worrying about grades13 May 2021

Love them or hate them, grades are an important part of the learning experience.  Although an imperfect measurement, grades provide valuable information about comprehension, mastery and areas that need improvement.  But so often, a healthy desire for diligent learning becomes an unhealthy fixation on getting good grades. This can drive students to unhealthy levels of worry and a shift in how they understand the real purpose of education. Grade-focused learning becomes less about seeking to

Majoring on the majors: How we approach final exams at Wilson Hill

29 Apr 2021

Exam season is upon us, bringing with it much anticipation. Of course, the end of exams marks the beginning of summer, and it also represents a rewarding opportunity for students to see the fruit of their hard work.  Yet we know that exam season can also bring undue stress and dread. Students may feel overwhelmed by assignments and the never-ending need to study. Given our culture’s emphasis on test grades as a measure of one’s

Five ways to help your teens develop healthy technology habits

Healthy tech habits for teens11 Mar 2021

With the growing reliance on remote work and technological devices for everything from attending church services to ordering groceries, it’s always good to reassess how your family, especially your teens, engage with technology. While technology provides opportunities for creativity and connection, it also comes with potential dangers. Here are five ideas to help your  teens develop tools and frameworks for deciding how they will engage in their increasingly digital world.   1. Make healthy technology habits a

Goal-Setting to Glorify God

31 Dec 2020

With the arrival of the holiday season and extended time to relax away from the books, winter break is an excellent time for students to shape their goals for the upcoming year.  We all know how life (especially for students) can often feel like running on a hamster wheel. The days seem to blaze by as we jump from one commitment to another. While we may accomplish many important tasks, it’s not always easy to

Five Ideas for Boosting Productivity

3 Dec 2020

  With exam week soon approaching, many students will begin spending precious hours reviewing texts and notes, seeking to both understand the material and earn a good grade. But let’s face it: studying and writing can be daunting. Many students face innumerable distractions, the pressure to multitask and the inevitable (and sometimes frustrating) need to review materials over and over again. Productivity often feels elusive.   If this describes how you feel when sitting down to

Five Ideas for Practicing Gratitude at Home

20 Nov 2020

With its hours of planning, shopping, cleaning and cooking, the holiday season often feels demanding. During the Thanksgiving season, it’s easy to lose ourselves in an infinite to-do list and forget to reflect on what we’re thankful for, let alone communicate our gratitude to others.  Actively (and verbally) expressing gratitude produces significant benefits, not only for our mental and our physical health, but also for our relationships with God and others. Sharing our thankfulness and

Need a study break? Three Rejuvenating Ideas

19 Oct 2020

An important part of studying well is knowing when to take a break. Study breaks these days too often involve reaching for a smartphone, watching a television show or opening a new tab on our internet browser. These activities may feel fun, but in reality, they do little to relax or recharge the brain or the body. These kinds of activities actually make the body work harder, just in a different kind of way.  ***

New to Online Learning? Five tips from our parents

homeschooling family21 Sep 2020

What does it take to excel in online learning? We recently sat down with some of our veteran parents and teachers via Zoom and asked them for some practical advice. Home-based online education is an exciting adventure with its fair share of highs and lows. Here are five tips that we hope will help your family experience a smooth transition to online learning. Come alongside your children as they learn from new teachers If this