Why We Returned to Wilson Hill After a Brick and Mortar 

15 May 2024

Is my child missing out by attending a virtual school?  After sending her three older children to Wilson Hill, Allyson Alden never thought she would be asking that question.  She first learned about Wilson Hill when her oldest was a senior in high school. With a busy schedule and children in 12th, 10th, 8th, 5th and 1st grade, Allyson didn’t feel equipped to teach all of her children.  Wilson Hill felt like the perfect solution

Combating Perfectionism in a Classical Christian Education

7 Apr 2024

Perfectionism is the natural outcome of an achievement-driven culture. When students are competing against their classmates to be accepted into top colleges, they must strive to develop the perfect resume. Who has the most—the most volunteer hours, the most unique extracurricular activities, the most expertly crafted personal essay—and, thus, who is the best?  Learning ceases to be the object, replaced by the drive for achievement. And the mark of perfection is a moving target, always

How to Discern if a Classical Christian Education is Right for Your Children

14 Mar 2024

Choosing an educational model is a weighty decision, and the ever-increasing options can become overwhelming. From brick-and-mortar schools and hybrid models to homeschooling, endless avenues promise to give your child the best education. However, not all educational models are equal, nor do they share the same goals or produce the same results. Despite the perceived incongruity of an ancient educational model thriving in the 21st century, the classical Christian model has experienced a resurgence in