Heathens and Furies

(Read it aloud as fast as you can.)


Please, Clytemnestra, don’t take his life!

Does he really deserve to be killed by his wife?

His daughter is dying,

Kassandra is crying,

Clytemnestra is holding a knife and she’s lying,

Kassandra is screaming,

The children are dead,

His family tree is spattered with red,

The “gods,” will they help her?

Whom will they send?

Orestes! A brother! A helper! A friend!

The man of the hour,

Electra’s big brother,

Turns right around and kills his own mother,

It’s horrible bloodshed,

That Aeschylus penned,

Heathens and Furies and gore without end,

All throughout history,

(Through evens and odds),

And even today we become like our gods,

Money, wealth,

Power, and fame,

Demons, Zeus and Apollo by name,

Psalm 115,

It confirms what I claim,

That worshipping Murder will make you the same.


Inspired by our study of Aeschylus’ Oresteia in Mr. Etter’s Great Conversation 1 + 4 course.