Susie has recently moved back to the town of her alma mater, Auburn University, in Auburn, Alabama, where she received a B.S. in Education. She has been working with students her entire adult life through public, homeschool co-op, and private school classrooms as well as through youth ministry and Reformed University Fellowship. Her love for classical, Christian education developed while teaching her own children at home for 8 years. For decades, she has been able to invest in the Word of God and the souls of men by showing students the wonder of their God through His Word and creation. Teaching science and math in particular have given her a platform to point out the order in chaos, the complexity in the details, and the beauty in the simple.

Susie loves gardening, reading, and attempting to make cuisine from around the world with her children and husband.   Her best days are when she walks into her home exhausted and completely filthy from working in the yard or when she is learning how to do something new with her hands.

Courses taught by Susie Trammell