If you were to ask her family, they would tell you that Starlet’s love of reading, writing and teaching were evident very early on. If she didn’t have her nose buried in a book or if she wasn’t writing in her journal, she was playing school (and most likely coercing her little brother into playing school as well). She taught her first Sunday school class at 14 and enjoyed writing Bible-themed plays that she and her friends performed for Children’s Church. Besides a brief one-year tenure as an editor, Starlet has continued to teach and has found that her childhood play was serious preparation for the work God has called her to as an adult. She has taught English-as-a-Second-Language in Prague and in the States to university-bound international students. The majority of her teaching experience, however, has been in the classical Christian environment. Teaching in both online and brick and mortar schools, Starlet has taught across the trivium: second grade, sixth grade, middle school, and high school. She has taught literature, great conversation courses, composition, rhetoric and senior thesis. In addition, she has taken an active part in developing writing curriculum at the middle and high school levels. She received a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College and a Master’s degree from St. John’s College, which is a Great Books program. She is passionate about the well-chosen word, the necessity of a vibrant reading life, experimenting with gluten-free recipes, and American football and baseball. All sports fans beware: she is an unapologetically devoted fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates.

Courses taught by Starlet Baker