Rachel earned her B.S. in Chemistry from Louisiana State University in 2004, followed by a Masters in Teaching from the University of Virginia in 2006, where she met and married her husband Caleb, also a Louisiana native. She taught freshmen chemistry labs for three years at LSU and UVA during her student years. In 2005, she began an intensive, five-year teaching fellowship through the Knowles Teacher Initiative, a national scholarship program for aspiring math and science teachers.

Rachel taught regular and honors chemistry for five years in a public school outside of Charlottesville while her husband completed his Ph.D. in political science before leaving the classroom for motherhood. Three kids (and several moves!) later, she and her family live in Grove City, Pennsylvania.  There, Rachel classically homeschools her two young daughters, Katie and Elise, while her husband is a professor at Grove City College. She is fascinated by the intersection between faith and science and the way those two strands intertwine in her classroom.  She fully agrees with St. Augustine’s statement: “Everything that is true comes from the One who said, ‘I am the Truth’.”

In her spare time, Rachel helps organize the children’s ministry at Grace Anglican Church (ACNA), leads a Bible study for college girls at Grove City College, and teaches science for a small, local homeschool co-op. She also enjoys reading, baking, re-discovering the piano, and all things LSU!

Courses taught by Rachel Verbois