Online Christian Homeschool educator

Meghan graduated from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville with a Master of Arts degree in English Literature and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Literature and Medieval History. She began teaching for an online classical academy in 2014, right after she married her best friend and highschool sweetheart. After four years, Meghan and her husband welcomed their first child, Elaine, in 2018, and moved to West Virginia, where they are enjoying experiencing all four seasons. They have 3 big dogs, and in her free time Meghan enjoys hiking with them, baking, doing puzzles, and all things Star Trek.

Meghan is passionate about reading and writing and loves sharing her eclectic literary interests that range from Medieval epics to Victorian poetry and from Tolkien to T.S. Eliot with anyone who will listen. She believes that Christian classical education is the best way to appreciate and understand the beautiful tradition of Western Literature and culture, and when she began teaching, she knew she had found her God-given vocation. Now she looks forward to homeschooling Elaine in the future and to continuing to foster the love and light of learning in her students each year.

Courses taught by Meghan Hambleton