Lorryn began teaching in 2018 and has taught history and chemistry in Monterey, Chicago and Cincinnati. She likes to motivate her students to be their best, and especially delights when they embrace a demanding subject and practice it until it is mastered. She loves hearing her students say they “wish all science classes were like this!” Lorryn strives to foster this blend of subject mastery and the joy of learning in her classroom.

Lorryn earned a Bachelor of Science in history at Hillsdale College, followed by a master’s in secondary education at The University of Michigan. Her conversion began while writing a term paper on the life of Jesus Christ in Ancient History class, and she was baptized on April Fool’s Day of 2018. Since then she calls herself a “fool for God.” She and her husband hope to one day have children and raise them in the Church. For now, she is excited to grow as a teacher at Wilson Hill. Her favorite pastimes include playing soccer and creative projects like drawing and needlework, as well as spending time with her husband.

Courses taught by Lorryn Sterkenburg