headshot of Karina Venable

Karina Venable delights in her students and enjoys making her classroom fun by incorporating storytelling, music and conversation into her lessons. Students can expect to hear a lot of Spanish spoken in order to “develop their ears” for the language. Karina’s enthusiasm and encouraging demeanor help students as they venture to speak and think in Spanish. Students leave Karina’s classes with confidence that they can learn a new language and with an excitement to continue in Spanish. 

Karina grew up in a bilingual home in which Spanish and English were both spoken. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where she studied Education and Spanish Language Teaching, including a summer abroad at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. She met her two great loves, the Lord and her husband, as a student at UT. Karina has taught Spanish and Language Arts in a variety of school settings for over 12 years at all levels, ranging from high school to young children. She and her husband David have enjoyed the blessings of growing a family through adoption and teaching their children at home. Her family loves reading aloud together, laughing, and having intriguing discussions about literature and movies. A family of native Texans, they also enjoy taking road trips together and hope to visit the other 49 states. Whenever she can, Karina enjoys lingering over a cup of coffee and conversation with a friend. 

Some comments from Karina’s past WHA students

“Your way of teaching has been phenomenal to the point that it completely changed my mind about taking online classes.” 

“I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate you as a teacher. You’re so kind, loving and caring. I love that you care so much about how your students do. You want us to succeed.”

“Even though I don’t normally enjoy learning languages, you made Spanish one of my favorite classes.”

“With this course, I feel like I truly understand Spanish. I can now think in Spanish. I exercised my skills by talking to people online in Spanish, and found myself conjugating verbs without thinking about it.”

Courses taught by Karina Venable