Karina Venable was asked in fifth grade to write about what she wanted to be when she grew up. Now she considers herself blessed beyond measure to be living out each of the dreams she listed as a ten-year-old: to be a mother, teacher and writer. Karina graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where she studied Education and Spanish Language Teaching. The most important thing she learned on the UT campus, however, was a fear and love of the Lord. He has been Karina’s favorite Teacher ever since. After graduating, Karina taught Spanish 1 and 2 to students at Leander High School and then all subjects for 5th/6th grade students at City School in Austin for several years before taking a break to grow a family with her husband, David, through adoption. God blessed them with two beautiful and fun-loving boys. Karina and David love to travel the country and world together and have braved road trips with their boys since they were babies. Their longest drive to date was from Austin to North Carolina when the boys were 2 and 10 months old. When Karina is not chasing her boys, she enjoys writing on her blog, lingering over a cup of coffee and good conversation with a friend, and reading a wide variety of literature. She is most passionate about being a channel of truth and love from the Lord to everyone with whom she is honored to walk this journey called life.

Courses taught by Karina Venable