Becky Pliego was born and raised in Mexico City where she lives with her husband and youngest daughter, among 25 million other souls. Her passion for languages and art inspired her to take several Linguistic courses in various classical academies and to paint with two celebrated watercolor artists in Mexico City. Since they began preschool, she homeschooled her four children and taught them to read and speak English fluently. Her three oldest children are now in College in the USA, while her youngest daughter is still at home. In the past six years Becky has been teaching three different levels of Spanish to high school students in an online school with wonderful results. For Becky, the key to learning a language successfully has to do more with learning about the culture and loving its taste than just knowing a set of grammatical rules and a long list of verbs. In her free time Becky enjoys reading a good book to herself or to her daughter, doing some hand-drawn lettering or pulling out her watercolors to create something that will make her family smile. Becky also loves to write her blog, smell rain on the dry ground, spend Saturday mornings enjoying warm pancakes and hot coffee, eat a bite or two of dark chocolate, and spend time with her wonderful family; but what really keeps Becky going day after day is the love of the resurrected lord Jesus Christ in her life.

Courses taught by Becky Pliego