Logic 1

Are there “laws of thought” just as surely as there is a law of gravity? The answer is a resounding “yes!” In this course we will learn how to reason in an orderly and consistent fashion. Students will master the rules that govern the thinking process. There will be a particular emphasis on applying these […]

Logic 2

Done with Logic 1? You’ve just begun the life-long journey of learning how to think with excellence.  Join us as we continue to study the science and art of thinking well.  In this course we will learn to both analyze and build arguments.  In the first part of the course, we will study some of […]

Logic 2 Readiness (Summer; Live)

This is a somewhat abbreviated version of the full-year Logic 1 class intended for new students who need to shore up their foundation in logic before moving on to Logic 2. Students will study forms of correct thinking, using traditional Aristotelian tools such as formal proofs and truth tables. Students will also be conversant in […]