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WHA offers two “pre-algebra” options for students in the School of Logic.  More advanced students may choose to take Pre-Algebra in 7th grade before enrolling in Algebra 1 in 8th grade.  Other students may prefer to begin with Math 7, a continuation of the WHA Singapore Math series, before moving on to Pre-Algebra in 8th and delaying Algebra 1 until 9th grade.

Math 7

The ability to discuss alternative strategies for problem solving in mathematics is an indication of mastery of the subject. In Math 7, word problems form the basis for most instruction. Students spend a great deal of time discussing alternative strategies with each other, in groups, and as a whole class. Important ideas in mathematics are developed and appreciated as students explore solutions to problems, rather than being a focus of instruction.

Students will further strengthen their understanding and appreciation of fractions and decimals. Challenging content and the exchange of ideas will foster a deeper understanding of number sense in preparation for later algebraic studies. The course also introduces several topics in the areas of geometry, statistics and probability.

This grammar math course is best suited for student ages 12-13 who desire additional opportunities to build stronger foundations in their concrete understanding of math concepts before entering the more abstract phase of their math education.
Students who complete this course successfully are well prepared for Algebra I.

2020-2021 Math 7 Book List


Establishing solid mathematical study skills and iron clad problem-solving strategies is the mark of our Pre-algebra course at WHA. This course offers instruction that provides a strong foundation for students as they progress from a concrete understanding of basic math concepts to a deeper level of abstract comprehension of math principles and application. Students become proficient with order of operations, exponents, equation-solving, integers, basic geometry, ratio, proportion, percent, inequalities, graphing on the coordinate plane, area, volume, roots, basic probability, and statistics.

This School of Logic math course best serves students who are ready to find solutions to math problems by relating presented challenges to what they already know through identifying patterns, observing differences, and asking questions. Students will be prepared for a rich Algebra I experience and beyond. They will gain a depth of subject understanding, a practice of thinking well mathematically, and a joy of understanding mathematics as a way of thinking about the world rather than just a collection of memorized facts.

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