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Latin Readings is designed for intermediate Latin students who have finished working through Latin grammar (using Wheelock’s Latin or Latin Alive! I-III, or the equivalent) and are ready to practice reading Latin literature. Grammar will be reviewed continuously as students grow in their translation skills, reading selections of literature from Cicero to Newton. Students will explore a variety of time periods, styles, and genres, studying literary components of the texts in addition to Latin grammar and syntax, with a teacher who will integrate Latin Readings with The Great Conversation classes. Latin Readings is good preparation for a student considering AP Latin.

The course price includes registration, study sessions, administration, and medal/certificate distribution for the National Classical Etymology Exam, National Latin Vocabulary Exam, and the National Latin Exam.

Prerequisites: Latin 3 or equivalent completion of Latin grammar
Suggested Grade Levels: 10th -12th

Latin Readings Book List 2021-2022