Section: Math   |   School: Grammar School

Math in Focus employs a “visual approach”methodology using bar model drawing and other pictorial strategies that progressively lead a student from a concrete understanding of a particular math concept to an eventual abstract understanding of that same idea. Students are taught the“why of something works” before the“how something works.”  When a student grasps that numbers and symbols have actual meaning, they will approach problem solving with greater confidence and success.

Math 5

Students in Math 5 will learn about addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers, multiplication and division of fractions and mixed numbers, ratios, decimals, percent, graphs and probability, algebra, angles, triangles (area and properties of), four-sided figures, three-dimensional shapes, and the volume of cube and of a rectangular prism.

Textbook:  Please see current book list below.

Math 6

Students in Math 6 will learn about positive and negative numbers, multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals, ratios, rates, percent, algebraic expressions, equations and inequalities, coordinate plane, perimeter, area, volume, statistics and measures of central tendency. This is excellent preparation for Pre-Algebra.

Textbook:  Please see current book list below.

Grammar Level Math Book List – 2020-2021