Section: Composition   |   School: School of Rhetoric

This course serves as the gateway from writing in the School of Logic to writing in the School of Rhetoric, with special emphasis upon the skills of the beginning academic writer who must write essays for full paper assignments and shorter exam entries. Building on the foundations of the LA4: Fundamentals of Expository Writing class, students will practice the trajectory of the writing process from Invention (pre-writing) through final revisions to formal submission. In this way, they will gain greater proficiency in the art of writing well-crafted sentences, coherent paragraphs, and well-argued essays.

Students will learn to incorporate elements of classical rhetoric, such as the Canons, modes of appeal (artistic proofs), and select common topics. They will also learn the academic conventions in modern composition such as how to interpret a writing prompt, proper organization, how to evaluate web and print sources, and how to properly document sources using the MLA system. Students will participate in some group feedback, as well as receive written feedback from the instructor. While a basic understanding of grammatical conventions is a course prerequisite, the class will spend time clarifying and reviewing various grammatical conventions/usage for the sake of clearer writing.

2018-19 Book List