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NOTE: This class is being offered in 2021-22 as a “bridge” for students enrolled in either Life Science or Grammar of Science Course 3 at Wilson Hill Academy in the 2020-21 school year.  For details on the new Science sequence in 6th-8th grades, please see the Recommended Course of Study.

Learn more about the place we call home. Our survey of Earth Science promises to be an exciting ride through space, beginning with our solar system. We will study the stars and planets, including a unit on rocketry. Next, we set our sights on the composition and structure of the atmosphere surrounding Earth and how the atmosphere affects the inhabitants of our finely tuned planet. Students will learn to gather weather information and will study the movements of major storm systems that develop throughout our study. We will get our hands dirty when we study the rocks and minerals, fossils, and ores that make up the lithosphere of the earth. Along the way, we will learn about earthquakes and volcanoes, weathering and erosion. We will examine the hydrosphere, the topography and movement of the seafloor. In the end, we will become better stewards of the planet that God has given to us.

2021-2022 Earth Science (Bridge) Book & Materials List