Section: Literature, Schools   |   School: Grammar School

More than anything else, this course encourages students to love great books and stories to establish an essential foundation for future courses in the language arts (Language Arts 1–4 and The Great Conversation). In this class 4th and 5th grade students enjoy opportunities to explore ideas and use their imagination during class discussions, for memory work, and to complete creative projects. Discussions incorporate biblical concepts and principles, thus encouraging students to understand beauty, goodness and truth in the context of God’s Word.

Topics include: books such as Little House in the Big Woods, Helen Keller and Black Beauty (Please see the current book list before purchasing.); evaluating literature from a biblical worldview; recognizing and appreciating different types of literature (fantasy, historical fiction biography, etc.); learning vocabulary through the application of contextual clues and use of the dictionary.

Homework Habits: Students typically spend 2 hours a week on reading assignments, though this depends on the student’s reading speed. Weekly assignments also include memory work, discussions and creative projects.

Suggested Grade Level: 4–5

2024-2025 Book List