Section: Math, Summer

Algebra Refresher

This is a summer Algebra 1 refresher course intended for students who need to improve or refresh their Algebra 1 skills before entering Geometry or Algebra 2 in the fall. The course will generally follow the concepts taught in Algebra 1, but will involve material developed by the teacher for this specific application. Students who struggled with Algebra 1 last year and want to solidify their foundation or those who are a year removed from Algebra 1 and want to refresh their skills before the fall are both welcome.

Prerequisite:  Algebra 1

Summer 2017 Book & Materials List

Pre-Calculus Readiness

This course is intended for students who are registered for the WHA Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry course and may need extra preparation for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps he or she is transferring from another program and wants to make sure that there is a common vocabulary or a common set of expectations about key concepts.  Perhaps he or she struggled with some aspects of Algebra 2 and wants to reinforce key concepts.  Or perhaps there has been a gap year.  Regardless of the reason, this class will help “jumpstart” the fall semester for those who enroll.

Summer 2017 Book & Materials List