Section: History   |   School: Grammar School, School of Logic

These are the first of several courses being developed for upper Grammar School and School of Logic students.  Together they cover the flow of history from Bible times through the 20th century, providing students with a backdrop against which they can better engage in The Great Conversation.  Students will get to know the heroes, villains and key events of the period using both biographies and selected works of historical fiction in addition to non-fiction narrative histories (where available). Please see book list link below.

Bible Times and Places

This course is intended to provide students with the historical, geographical and cultural context within which the events of Scripture took place. Bible history will come to life as students explore the geographical settings and learn about ancient cultures and customs. Students will see God’s plan unfold as He moves through nations and empires, sends rescue or destruction, preserves His people, and establishes His Church. They will also learn how archaeological evidence supports the historicity of Bible events.

The Making of America

This course begins with the War for American independence and contrasts it briefly with the French Revolution. It continues by covering the early development of the United States, the War Between the States and the growing industrialization of the latter part of the 19th century.  At the beginning of the period, “America” was a collection of British colonies, while at the end it was poised to assume leadership on the world stage.

The Making of Modern Europe

This course covers European history from about 1790 to 1920. It begins with the French Revolution and the Napoleonic period and covers European industrialization, the rise of Nationalism and the ideas such as Liberalism, Darwinism and Marxism that began to gain favor in the 19th century, ultimately culminating with World War I.

20th Century History

This course begins with the peace treaty ending World War I, and covers the inter-war period, World War II and the development of the modern world through the end of the century.  The reading list includes Carry a Big Stick (George Grant), The Good Fight (Stephen Ambrose), Never Give In (Stephen Mansfield), and The Hiding Place (Corrie Ten Boom). Please check current book list before purchasing.

Text and Materials: Please see current book list. Students should subscribe to World Magazine, Teen Edition.

Comprehensive 2020-2021 Book Lists