We have some exciting additions to the Wilson Hill experience for students and families.  New to our fee structure, the Student Services Fee will apply to all new and returning students rising to 8th grade and above. This non-refundable fee will be due at time of enrollment. It is a one-time fee as long as a student remains enrolled at WHA. Students who leave WHA for a year or more will be assessed this fee again upon reentry to the Academy. As we are transitioning to this fee, this year only, returning students will receive a discount. The new Student Services Fee allows us to provide the following:

  • House System Activities
  • Registration Assistance
  • Records Administration
  • Basic College Advising Services to include:
    • Grade level seminars to guide SOR students and their families along the college-preparation timeline (one per year for freshman and sophomores; two per year for juniors and seniors).
    • General guidance on the college search, campus visits, how to demonstrate interest, what to wear to an interview, and when to apply for financial aid, etc.
    • Notifications and reminders of national and regional college fairs, gap year fairs, registration reminders for the SAT and ACT, suggestions on various test preparation options, and best practices and trends in the college search.
    • Access to Naviance Family Connection, the most widely used college advising software platform in the nation. We will start off with the Classes of 2019 and 2020.
    • Highlights and snapshots of unique program offerings at various colleges.

Individualized Service Packages

Soon WHA will offer optional individualized service packages for college application essay guidance and editing, resume and portfolio development, college application planning, and other services related to preparing students for a productive college search season.

We want to help WHA students craft their unique college-bound stories well by amplifying their strengths and skills. WHA will provide a family-centered approach in helping students find the best college fit for them. These service packages and fees will be announced this spring, in order to give our rising seniors ample time to begin their college applications process.