What grade are you in?

I am a senior! My whole life, ever since I was a young girl, I always longed to be a senior. Now that it’s here, however, I long for the simpler times of my youth (nap time anyone?).

What city and state do you live in?

I live in bright and sunny – and should I mention dry? – Tubac, Arizona. It’s a fun little historic tourist town not too far south of Tucson.

What do you love most about being a student at Wilson Hill?

This question is very difficult to answer – I love WHA so much! If I had to narrow it down to one thing, I would say the incredible passion of both the teachers and students alike. WHA teachers are deeply passionate about the material they teach and this passion spills over to the students and creates a community that loves and is actually excited about learning.

What do you enjoy most about taking online classes?

I enjoy online classes because of the freedom they provide. During a family move across four states when I absolutely couldn’t afford falling behind in school, I was able to employ the use of my iPhone hotspot to log right into my classes from the car and not miss a single thing. It’s amazing – one can truly school from anywhere.

Do you have a favorite subject, one that you might pursue in college some day?

I do, actually. I’ve found my niche within philosophy. I feel that it’s what God is calling me to. Before I began online school, I remember absolutely despising academics. In the 7th grade (which was my first year in a classical online school) I remember attempting to hide that massive cardboard box that we received in the mail full of my reading material. As my mother began to unpack every book with a delightful, radiant smile, I remember with crossed arms whining, “Really, and I have to read that one too?” With each new book I would say, “There’s more? How much are they expecting me to read?” But I have matured over the years. The Great Conversation courses which synthesize theology, literature, and philosophy have crafted me into a critical and independent learner who actually enjoys learning – so much so, that I am eager to begin pursuing philosophy next fall at Baylor University.

Do you have a favorite book or literary genre?

WHA has introduced me to such a large and diverse collection of books that I truly don’t believe I could narrow my choice to a single genera, let alone a single book. I immensely enjoyed Flannery O’ Conner’s, A Good Man is Hard to Find. It provided great insight into the irony and duality of human nature and maybe even gave a glimmer of hope. I additionally take great delight in anything and everything written by Jane Austen – especially Pride and Prejudice, which is a wonderful character study.

What do you like to do for fun?

I spend a great portion of my spare time making pasta. I find so much joy and satisfaction when I have a beautiful mass of dough ready to mold and slice. It’s also a great stress reliever for too (kneading all of that Livy and Herodotus into the dough). Part of the blessing of being a student at WHA is that it has enabled me (with the flexibility in my schedule that it provides) to open up my own gluten-free pasta company (www.glutenfreekneader.com) this year.   I am using this endeavor to help fund my college education!

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

My favorite Christmas memory is a tradition that my sisters, my mother, and I practice every year. We prepare and lavishly decorate numerous pies and distribute them among the homeless and/or underprivileged individuals and families within our community . This tradition of giving to others has been a tremendous blessing to our family and has cultivated many fond memories that I will always cherish. I intend to continue this tradition for the rest of my life. Christmas should be a season of joyful giving and it has been a great blessing to share with others what the Lord has provided to us!