Remembering the First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving-Brownscombe25 Nov 2015

Earlier this semester in a Great Conversation 3 class, we discussed the common assumption that the Pilgrims founded America so that everyone could worship as they please. Something of this assumed religious pluralism seems even to color how many understand the first Thanksgiving. Natives and British settlers side by side, setting aside religious and cultural differences, simply to "be thankful." However, when we read William Bradford's journal, now known as Of Plymouth Plantation, we find

The Selfie and the Send

The Selfie and the Send:  The Two Rhetorics We Teach Caleb stands in front of his webcam wearing a crazy t-shirt depicting an orange moose climbing up the topside of a triangle (some kind of visual pun, which I could figure out if I remembered my geometry). Bright green headphones are clamped to his head and he is ready to begin his speech. Because he is comfortable in this setting, Caleb stands in the framed

From the Head of School

I recently read a fascinating book on evangelism. The author explained that in order to win converts, we need to build relationships, speak to people on their level and hear them out first before diving in with the message. The basic idea is to ask questions and respond kindly with answers that lead the person to the natural outcome of his worldview. Sound familiar? Well, certainly many of you have read books like this one.

The Fullness of Time

As Martin Luther approached the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg on October 31st, 1517, he did not expect anything remarkable to occur. Knowing something of what has transpired since that momentous event, I find this fact about Luther fascinating and worth some reflection. Not long before posted his "Ninety-five Theses," Luther had already written and posted a different set of theses (ninety-seven) to be debated in an academic setting. There was nothing unusual

Teaching the Trivium

I have several children under the age of ten, and I often find myself teaching them what classical educators have called the Trivium: the arts of language, reasoning, and expression. To cite one example, my five-year old daughter and I were on our way out to milk the cow the other night when she noticed how the clouds were moving quickly past the moon. But to her it was not the clouds moving but rather

A Focus on “Math in Focus”

One of the oldest proverbial sayings in the English language is, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  If there are any of you out there that still insist on calculating math solutions with a slide rule (or who even remember what a slide rule is!), you know what I mean. As the march of time presses on, I tend to resist change, especially for change for change’s sake. If something has worked well

Reflections on Our First Year

CologneCathedral23 Jul 2015

I’ve often imagined what it would have been like to live in AD 1249. What, you may ask, was so special about the year 1249? The Mongols overrunning China? The Crusades to reclaim the Holy Land? These are indeed fascinating events in history, but I am referring to a certain building project that was one-year old in 1249. One year prior, in the city of Cologne, Germany, on August 15, 1248, the foundation stone was

Summer Reading

Books-Wide22 Jul 2015

Several years ago I read a book by Ken Hughes called Disciplines of a Godly Man. The main theme of the book deals with imitating older, wiser men and their godly habits. One such habit he discusses is reading. Hughes challenged me to think more deeply about what I read, and at the end of the book he listed several well-known leaders in the church, and he included a list of their favorite books. Knowing

National Classical Exam Awards

Wilson Hill Academy is pleased to announce the names of students who achieved honors on the 2014-15 National Classical Exams. Fifteen Wilson Hill Academy students earned honors on the National Latin Exam (NLE), six on the National Mythology Exam (NME), and a whopping twenty-three on the brand new National Latin Vocabulary Exam (NLVE). A special shoutout belongs to Grace Oliver who earned the Latin Exam Trifecta, medaling on the NLE, NCVE, and NME, earning a

Valedictory Address

What an honor it is to be named the valedictorian of the first graduating class of Wilson Hill Academy. I still remember that first day of online Latin class the summer before I officially entered high school. Little did I know then that I was about to embark on a journey, not always smooth and easy, but always incredibly rich and rewarding. My online classical Christian education has taught me to count learning as a