2018-2019 Tuition & Fees Information

  Student Services Fee One-Time Per Student New Enrollments in Grade 8 and above $250 Family Cap this Year for New or Returning Families $500 Transition Year Discounted Fees for Returning Students Rising 8th Graders $200 Rising 9th & 10th Graders $150 Rising 11th & 12th Graders $100 Course Offerings Per Course Grammar School $650 Schools of Logic & Rhetoric $690-$720        AP Courses $740        Rhetoric 2/Senior Thesis $800 The Great Conversation Courses $880

New Student Services for 2018-2019

We have some exciting additions to the Wilson Hill experience for students and families.  New to our fee structure, the Student Services Fee will apply to all new and returning students rising to 8th grade and above. This non-refundable fee will be due at time of enrollment. It is a one-time fee as long as a student remains enrolled at WHA. Students who leave WHA for a year or more will be assessed this fee

NCAA Approval

WHA is excited to announce that NCAA has approved our application, and we will eagerly begin establishing a list of NCAA courses. Mr. Etter will provide more details at Back to School Night this

Latin Readings Schedule Change

Many of you have asked for a section of Latin Readings that does not meet in the evening.  Good News!  Mrs. Vine has agreed to move that class to Tu/Th @ 2:00pm Eastern, which works for all the current enrollees as well.  If you have been hesitant due to the evening schedule, hesitate no more! The full current schedule can be downloaded

New Classes & New Teacher

We are excited to announce new sections of several popular classes.  Becky Winn has agreed to teach a third section of Language Arts 3 (M/W @12:30pm Eastern) and Eric Reini has opened a third section of Algebra 1 (M/W @11:00am Eastern).  Scott Baker is also offering a third section of Rhetoric 2/Senior Thesis (M/W @ 9:30am Eastern).  All of these classes had wait lists, so hopefully the new times will provide options.  Check out the