Section: Math   |   School: School of Logic

WHA offers two “pre-algebra” options for students in the School of Logic.  More advanced students may choose to take Pre-Algebra in 7th grade before enrolling in Algebra 1 in 8th grade.  Other students may prefer to begin with Math 7, a continuation of the WHA Singapore Math series, before moving on to Pre-Algebra in 8th and delaying Algebra 1 until 9th grade.

Math 7

This course is part of the Singapore Math series and provides a foundation in arithmetic, geometry, measurement, and other core topics leading up to Algebra 1. It is intended as a precursor to a more rigorous “Pre-Algebra” course, but some students may be able to jump directly from this course into Algebra 1.  Details of specific topics covered will be coming soon.

Textbook & Materials:

  • Math in Focus: Grades 6-8 Course 2 Student book for 1st Semester Book A (and Extra Practice A workbook)
  • Math in Focus: Grade 6-8 Course 2 Student book for 2nd Semester Book B (and Extra Practice B workbook)
  • Math solutions key for Course 2 (optional, for parents)
  • Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet


This course provides a solid foundation in arithmetic, geometry, measurement, and other core topics required for success in Algebra 1.  Specific topics include arithmetic operations on integers and rational numbers; variables, expressions and equations; area and volume; ratio, proportion, and percent; measurement and graphing; solving word problems.

Textbook:  PreAlgebra: An Accelerated Course, 1992, by Mary Dolciani (ISBN 0395591236)

Prerequisite: Math 6; (Math 7 optional for students who may need extra time to grasp the concepts)