Honors Physical Science (ASPC)

Advanced Studies in Physics and Chemistry is a rigorous, honors level physical science course intended for accelerated 9th grade students who have already completed Algebra 1 and are motivated toward honors-level study in science and mathematics. The course integrates history, mathematics, and technical communication skills. Through successful completion of this course, a student will develop a mastery of the basic tools of physics and chemistry, including fundamental concepts and applications, computational skills, and analytical skills. Topics covered in this text are ideal for an honors-level freshman science course, providing a solid foundation for future science classes. Among the topics the course will cover are Newton’s laws of motion, energy, heat, sound and light, electricity, magnetism, physical and chemical properties of substances, models of the atom, chemical bonding, and chemical reactions.

Prerequisites:  Algebra 1
TextbookAccelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry, (Mays), (2012); ISBN-13: 978-0615606439; available from Novare Science and Math.

 Conceptual Physics

This is an introductory physical science course intended for 9th grade students who have not yet completed Algebra I. The course will serve to introduce concepts and principles that underlie the physical sciences, preparing the student for future studies in Chemistry, Physics, Geology, etc.

Prerequisites:  none
TextbookIntroductory Physics, (Mays), (2012); ISBN-13:  978-0-9883228-2-0; available from Novare Science and Math.


Coming in 2015-16