Have you ever watched a movie with a critical eye? Have you thought about what the movie says about God? or man? or truth? Join us as we watch these great movies and discuss worldview issues. We will explore important cultural themes in American movies in light of a Biblical worldview. Three weeks and three themes:

  • Week 1 – Wanderers; We trace the theme of the loner/wanderer in the American west and south: (Read the novel Shane and watch the movie; Read Homer’s The Odyssey and watch the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou.)
  • Week 2 – Honor Codes; The American spirit is deeply embedded with a code of honor. What does it entail? (Read the handout and watch the movie Casablanca; read the novella A River Runs Through It and watch the movie.)
  • Week 3 – Fate and the Future; There are two divergent views about reality which have come into play in our culture: Gnostic and Judeo-Christian. We investigate and contrast them in these films: (Read the novella The Adjustment Bureau and watch the movie; read the handout and watch the movie The Book of Eli).

Note to Parents: Please review movies above to ensure they are appropriate for your child.