Section: Math   |   School: School of Logic, School of Rhetoric

Algebra 1

This course provides the foundation for secondary mathematics study. Topics covered include algebraic expressions including polynomials and rational expressions, solving linear and quadratic equations, inequalities and systems of equations, and radicals and exponents. Emphasis is placed on problem solving and graphing.

Prerequisites:  Pre-Algebra is recommended; this course may not be developmentally appropriate for students who have not yet reached the 8th grade.

TextbookAlgebra: Structure & Method Book 1, 2000, by Richard Brown and Mary Dolciani (ISBN 9780395977224)

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is a college preparatory course which builds on the foundation of Algebra 1. Topics covered include: the Real and Complex Number Systems, solving equations and inequalities, and functions including linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, and rational. Analytic geometry, sequences and series, statistics and probability, and matrices and determinants are also covered.

Prerequisites:  Algebra 1; Geometry (previously or concurrently).

TextbookAlgebra and Trigonometry: Structure and Method Book 2, 2000, by Richard Brown and Mary Dolciani (ISBN 9780395977255)

Algebra Refresher

This is a summer Algebra 1 refresher course intended for students who need to improve or refresh their Algebra 1 skills before entering Geometry or Algebra 2 in the fall. The course will generally follow the concepts taught in Algebra 1, but will involve material developed by the teacher for this specific application. Students who struggled with Algebra 1 last year and want to solidify their foundation or those who are a year removed from Algebra 1 and want to refresh their skills before the fall are both welcome.

Prerequisite:  Algebra 1