New Classes & New Teacher

We are excited to announce new sections of several popular classes.  Becky Winn has agreed to teach a third section of Language Arts 3 (M/W @12:30pm Eastern) and Eric Reini has opened a third section of Algebra 1 (M/W @11:00am Eastern).  Scott Baker is also offering a third section of Rhetoric 2/Senior Thesis (M/W @ 9:30am Eastern).  All of these classes had wait lists, so hopefully the new times will provide options.  Check out the

Why Every WHA Student Should Go to LINK

2 May 2017

LINK is the ultimate capstone of the school year, especially since it happens right after exams. You may be wondering, “What is LINK?” An end of school celebration, LINK 2017, takes place from May 31 to June 3 in New Braunfels, Texas, just outside of San Antonio. Students who go to LINK finally get to meet their friends and teachers in person; play games like basketball, shuffle-board, ping pong or horseshoes to name a few;